The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (2023)

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Last updated on May 24, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect SUP top for stand up paddling?

Discover the 5 best SUP shirts for women and men, which not only offer you casual style, but also optimal protection and comfort on and off the water

Invest in the right thingSUP accessoriesand experience even more beautiful paddling experiences.

Let yourself be inspired by our list of the best and find the right SUP top for you.

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  • 2 The best SUP tops for women
  • 3 Checklist: SUP tops
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The best SUP tops

Platz #1:Bluefin Heatwave SUP Jacke

The Bluefin Heatwave SUP jacket fully convinced us of its qualities in the test.

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (1)

Starting with the (sustainable) choice of materials, through the processing to the well thought-out features, it was able to collect many plus points.

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (2)

Of course, it's not very cheap either...but the price-performance ratio is right.

Bluefin Heatwave SUP Jacke

operation areaSUP jacket
more featureswindproof, water-repellent, breathable, 5 pockets, detachable sleeves, lined hood

When choosing the right size, you should definitely use a measuring tape to find out which size suits you with the help of our size chart.

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (4)

As always, the choice of your equipment depends above all on your needs. For pure summer paddlers, the Heatwave is probably not essential.

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (5)

But if you want to be reliably protected from extreme wind and weather at all times, then it is an absolutely high-quality companion.

All in all, a really high-quality multifunctional jacket for a wide range of uses, which we can recommend with a clear conscience.

More information about the Bluefin Heatwave SUP Jacket can be found here


Water Sports Shirt

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (6)

The top modern O'Neill sports shirt is perfect for long paddle tours. It has seamless underarm areas, which means you can wear this shirt for a long time while paddling. It also fits close to the body and is elastic.

Reliable UV protection is guaranteed with a sun protection factor of 50+. This means you can wear this shirt even on hot summer days. It has short elbow-length sleeves and a medium-high collar.

There are O'Neill logos on the front, left sleeve and upper back. This makes the monochrome shirt appear sporty and elegant. Of course, a SUP top should also be quick-drying, which this shirt also has.


  • High sun protection factor
  • Paddle Zones
  • Mid-high collar
  • Available in multiple colors

The best SUP tops for women


Long sleeve shirt

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (7)

The long-sleeved CharmLeaks women's SUP top is stylish and comfortable at the same time. It reliably protects you from UVA and UVB rays on the water.

A chic pattern print on the side makes the shirt a visual highlight.

This SUP top is versatile because it not only protects you from the strong rays of the sun, but also from the cold wind. Therefore you can wear it in any weather.

It can be stowed in any small bag and is always practical.

The comfortable fit ensures sufficient freedom of movement. The shirt is figure-hugging yet casual, making it ideal for sports.

The material mix also includes flexible elastane. so you can count on a high level of comfort.


  • figure hugging
  • Long sleeved
  • Muster-Print


Damen Shirt

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (8)

The O'Neill women's shirt is ideal for SUP sports. Finally, it has a seamless armpit area, which makes it ideal for wearing this shirt on the board.

In addition, the SUP top includes stretch and seamless underarm areas for comfortable paddling.

A UV protection of 50+ makes the shirt very practical and it is therefore ideal for sunny days. Nevertheless, the shirt keeps the cool wind away and is therefore perfect for mild temperatures.

There is a white brand print on the front and provides a chic accent.

The quick-drying material means that the shirt can be used anywhere - especially for sporting activities on land and on the water. The shirt functionality is explicitly designed for sufficient freedom of movement.


  • Marken-Print
  • UV protection
  • Fast drying


Rush Guard Shirt

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (9)

The SYROKAN Rush Guard is a useful SUP top because it has a back pocket. This allows you to stow a few utensils and take them with you on the water. It also has 10 percent elastane and long sleeves.

There is a collar zipper on the front, which allows you to wear the SUP top individually and put it on and take it off easily. You are also protected against the sun's rays with a sun protection factor of 50+.

A waisted women's cut and the simple look ensure versatile use in leisure and sport. In addition, this shirt is available in 3 different standard colors that match colorful and single-colored shorts.


  • back pocket
  • High sun protection factor
  • figure hugging
  • Long sleeved

I grew

Women's functional shirt

The 5 best SUP shirts for women & men (best list) (10)

The Cressi women's functional shirt is perfect for sports. A special detail is the high collar and the particularly sporty look. The practical SUP top is available in many different colors, so you're sure to find your dream shirt.

A reasonable sun protection factor of 40 protects you from sunburn in and on the water. Finally, you can also use this SUP top for swimming. It fits the body and is easy to wear.

There is a trendy Cressi logo on the front, back and left sleeve. Furthermore, the seams are colour-contrasted. In combination with 2 trend colors, the SUP top always ensures a modern sports look.


  • High collar
  • Adequate sun protection factor
  • Cressi-Logos

Checklist: SUP tops

  • sun protection factor:Make sure your SUP shirt has a high sun protection factor - for example 50+ - to protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Material:The ideal material for a SUP shirt should be light, breathable and quick-drying. A blend of polyester and spandex can provide great comfort and flexibility.
  • Fit:The fit of the shirt should be comfortable and not too tight or too loose. A good fit allows sufficient freedom of movement when paddling.
  • Seamless underarm areas:To avoid friction and the risk of skin irritation on long tours, the armpits of the shirt should be seamless.
  • Collar:A medium to high collar is recommended to protect the neck from the sun's rays and provide extra comfort.
  • Design and colors:There are different designs and colors of SUP shirts. Choose a model that fits your personal style and your other SUP clothing.


Do I need a SUP top in summer?

Yes, a SUP top is recommended, especially in summer. You are therefore optimally protected against UV rays on long tours on your board. You can also wear a SUP top in the water. A wetsuit is suitable for low temperatures, as a SUP top is not suitable for cold water.

Do SUP tops offer UV protection?

Yes, most SUP tops have UV protection. The sun protection factor can vary from model to model, so you should inquire before buying.

How do I care for my SUP top?

Some SUP tops are suitable for the washing machine, which then air dry very quickly. However, some functional shirts should only be cleaned by hand, which is just as easy to do. After all, functional material is particularly light and hardly absorbs any water.

Note: Before storing your shirt in the bag, it is important that it is completely dry. You can also transport a wet SUP top in your backpack, but then it should be allowed to air dry.


A SUP top offers protection from the sun, wind and water sports from the cold.

When buying, pay attention to a high sun protection factor, breathable material, a good fit and seamless armpit areas.

Bluefin Heatwave SUP jacket, O'Neill sports shirt and CharmLeaks women's SUP top are some interesting models for stand up paddling.

Whether for women or men, there are many different designs and colors to choose from.

So you are well equipped for every weather condition and activity on the water.

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What do women wear for SUP? ›

For Women. If it's hot out and you plan to dip into the water for a swim, SUP in just a swimsuit is totally fine. If you plan on wearing a few different layers, you'll probably still want to wear a swimsuit underneath.

Is a longer or shorter paddle board better? ›

A longer board will be able to hold more weight capacity and volume than a shorter paddle board. As a result, a longer paddle board may feel more stable than a shorter paddle board because the weight will be distributed forward and behind the rider. However, the paddle board's length is only one dimension to consider.

Does SUP brand matter? ›

Overall, there is a brand name for everyone out there. The well known brands might sell their boards at higher prices, but then they offer extras such as longer warranties and perhaps better return policies. Is there a problem buying a SUP board from a lesser known brand name? Not at all!

How do I choose the right size paddle board? ›

Body type: Try to match the width of the SUP to your body type. In general, if you're a small person, go with a narrower board and if you're a big person, go with a wider board. This is because a smaller person can generally find their balance on a narrow board, whereas a bigger person may struggle to do so.

Should you paddleboard with bent knees or straight legs? ›

First of all, yes, you should bend your knees while stand-up paddle boarding. Like we said before, in addition to reducing muscle pain, soreness, and injuries, proper posture and form will transform your SUP sessions in the best ways possible, which we will discuss shortly.

Should I roll or fold my SUP? ›

Rolling | Folding from the tail is generally the best method of securing your SUP board for storage and transportation since fin boxes and fins will be inside the board. It is critical that all the air is removed since the valve can not be accessed once the roll is started.

Is it better to have 1 or 3 fins on a paddle board? ›

A 1 fin board will be easier to turn than a 2,3 or 4 fin setup. However, the main advantage of a single fin is the speed that it can produce due to the less drag it produces. The main con to a 1 fin SUP is that they can sometimes feel unstable, balance and control are a bit more reliant on the rider.

What type of paddle board is most stable? ›

Yoga paddle boards are some of the most stable paddle boards made, especially if you get the award-winning Glide Lotus. From the ability to remain stable while new sup yoga practitioners are going through the routines.

Is a heavier paddle board better? ›

Many paddlers believe that the heavier the board is, the more stable it will be in the water. This is not true, though the board's weight does impact paddleboarding in various water settings. Too light of a board, and you will sink into the water if you overload it.

How much is a decent SUP? ›

Generally, hard stand up paddle boards can cost anywhere between $700 to $2,000 depending on what on board construction, design, and more.

Is it OK to leave SUP board inflated? ›

How Long Can You Leave a SUP Inflated? You can leave your inflatable paddle board inflated indefinitely, as long as you store your board correctly. If you release air, keep your board out of sunlight, and in a cool, dry place, your inflatable board can remain inflated, and little to no damage will come to it.

Should I leave my SUP inflated? ›

It's OK to store your SUP inflated

As long as it's out of direct sunlight, you can leave your iSUP inflated indefinitely. There are a few points to remember. Resist the temptation to stack things or place heavy objects on it.

Does the shape of a paddle board matter? ›

So the quick answer is, yes, it does matter and pointy boards are faster and used for racing and touring. Round nose boards are more are an all-around shape and perfect for general cruising, yoga, or learning to surf.

Is a 12 foot paddle board too big? ›

Length: For an adult looking for an all-around beginner paddle board, you will want a length between 10' and 12'6" this will give you a good starting place on your hunt for the perfect board. Length will affect how quick the board is and its top speed. The longer the paddle board is the faster it will be.

What do people wear to paddleboard? ›

Men will often wear board shorts and women a bathing suit, be it one or two-piece. Whatever stand up paddle clothes you choose, keep in mind that you'll be spending a lot of time in the sun. Add in some waterproof UV sunscreen wherever your skin is exposed. These days you can even find some natural sunscreen options.

Can I wear leggings paddle boarding? ›

Again, you don't want heavy or bulky clothing like a jacket or thick top as they will not dry quickly and will be dangerous in the water. Base layers of lycra-wear such as leggings and long sleeve t shirts, can all be built up and then taken off if you get too warm.

Do you need a swimsuit for paddle boarding? ›

So no a bathing suit is not needed when paddle boarding, although it can one of the best paddle boarding outfits. From board shorts, to a rash guard or a bathing suit. While we don't recommend you wear shoes paddle boarding, we do recommend you bring them on the board with you.

Should I wear water shoes when paddle boarding? ›

For everyday paddling, it's a great idea to wear water shoes when you're launching your board to keep your feet protected while on land. And once you're safely paddling in the ocean or bay, it's easy to take them off and store them under the bungee on the front of your board until it's time to return to shore.


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