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If you are planning to buy a Hilux 2022, choosing the right color can be a daunting task. With a wide range of colors available, it is essential to select the one that best fits your personality and taste. In this article, we will guide you through the various colors available for the Hilux 2022.

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What are the colors available for the Hilux 2022?

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The Hilux 2022 is available in nine different colors, including:

1.Super White
2.Oxide Bronze Metallic
3.Saturn Blue Metallic
4.Dynamic Grey Metallic
5.Attitude Black Mica
6.Orange Metallic
7.Crimson Spark Red Metallic
8.Emotional Red II
9.Dark Blue Mica

What are the most popular colors for the Hilux 2022?

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The most popular colors for the Hilux 2022 are Super White, Attitude Black Mica, and Oxide Bronze Metallic. Super White is the most common color and is known for its elegant and sophisticated look. Attitude Black Mica is another popular color and is famous for its dark and bold appearance. Oxide Bronze Metallic is a newly introduced color in the Hilux 2022 lineup and has quickly gained popularity due to its unique and modern look.

What factors should I consider when choosing the color for my Hilux 2022?

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When selecting the color for your Hilux 2022, several factors can influence your decision. Some of these include:

  • Personal taste:Your personal preferences and style should be the primary factor when choosing the color for your vehicle.
  • Practicality:You should consider how the color will affect the resale value of your vehicle and its maintenance requirements.
  • Climate:You should consider the weather conditions in your area and how they may affect the appearance of your vehicle’s color.

How can I maintain the color of my Hilux 2022?

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Maintaining the color of your Hilux 2022 is crucial to retaining its value and appearance. Here are some tips on how to maintain the color of your vehicle:

  • Regular washing:You should wash your vehicle regularly to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants that can damage the paint.
  • Waxing:Applying wax to your vehicle can protect the paint and prevent damage from UV rays and other environmental factors.
  • Parking:You should avoid parking your vehicle in direct sunlight for extended periods as this can cause fading and discoloration of the paint.


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Choosing the right color for your Hilux 2022 is essential to reflect your personality and taste. With nine different colors available, you can choose the one that best fits your style. Consider practicality, climate, and maintenance when selecting the color for your vehicle. Regular washing, waxing, and proper parking can help maintain the color of your Hilux 2022.

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What are the colors of the Hilux? ›

Toyota Hilux is available in 5 colours - Gray Metallic, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Emotional Red, Super White.

What color is 2022 Hilux Conquest? ›

Toyota Hilux is available in 5 different colours - White Pearl Crystal Shine, Emotional Red, Super white, Grey Metallic and Silver Metallic.To get more details of Toyota Hilux Download CarDekho App.

What types of Hilux 2022? ›

The Toyota HiLux 2022 comes in Dual Cab, Extra Cab and Single Cab. The Toyota HiLux 2022 is available in Diesel and Unleaded Petrol. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Dual Cab 2.4L 6 SP Automatic to the Single Cab 2.8L 6SP Manual.

Is Hilux better than Tacoma? ›

The Tacoma was purpose-built by Toyota to accommodate trailers, while the Hilux is better suited to hauling more weight. As for towing capacity, the Tacoma tops out at 6,800 pounds, while the Hilux maxes out at 6,172. On the other hand, Hilux can tow up to 2,240 pounds, while Tacoma's maximum is only 1,685 pounds.

What are Toyota special colors? ›

Our color palette is simple and impactful, comprising Toyota Red, white, black and gray. These are the colors of both our identity, as expressed through our logos, and our entire Visual Identity System.

Where is the Colour code on a HiLux? ›

Toyota paint codes can be found under the bonnet on the suspension mounting, on the bulk head (at the back) of the engine bay, or in the passenger door sill.

What is the new Toyota blue color called? ›

The new Toyota color, Cavalry Blue.

What is black edition Hilux? ›

What is it? The new Black Edition is the top of the tree in HiLux land, sitting above the regular SR5 flagship thanks to some tailored accents and new colour combinations. Toyota Australia launched the model late in 2014, limiting allocations to fewer than 1000 vehicles and charging a $2000 premium over the SR5.

What is the 2022 Tacoma green color called? ›

2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road

Magnetic Gray Metallic. Midnight Black Metallic. Barcelona Red Metallic. Army Green.

Is there a new Hilux in 2023? ›

Since 1968. For over 55 years, HiLux has been setting the bar for safer, smarter and tougher 4x4 utes in Australia. In late 2023, HiLux GR Sport will join the WorkMate, SR, SR5 and Rogue in servicing the on and off-road needs of this generation and the next.

How many types of Hilux are there? ›

There are three different versions of the Hilux, with a single cab, extended cab and double cab on offer. Unlike some rivals, there is very little difference in the external dimensions of the three – the big difference comes in the loading bay. The only minor difference is that the single cab is...

What is the top of the range Toyota Hilux 2022? ›

The manual variant starts at R883,100, while the automatic model demands a whopping R917,900. Both the models come with a 3-year/100,000km warranty and a 9-services/90,000 km service plan.

Which Hilux model is the strongest? ›

Toyota has finally lifted the sheet off its flagship Hilux GR Sport, the most powerful Hilux ever. Toyota has unveiled the new HiLux GR Sport which gains more power, wider tracks, tuned suspension, and bigger disc brakes.

What is better than Hilux? ›

Ford Ranger is a bit smaller than the Hilux, but it offers better fuel economy and an improved design which makes it easier to drive. The engine isn't as powerful as in the Toyota Hilux, but it is still powerful enough for most people's needs.

Where is the Toyota Hilux most popular? ›

Toyota HiLux is the top-selling ute in Australia for 2022

A total of 256,382 utes were sold in Australia in 2022, 1.2 per cent higher than the previous year.

What is Toyota's GREY color called? ›

Toyota: Cement Grey - Paint Code 1H5 – Custom Paints Inc.

Does Toyota offer custom colors? ›

When you want to custom build your dream Toyota, choose colors, options and accessories or you want a new model that has not been built yet! Advantages: - You can typically order the exact model, color combination, packages and accessories that you are interested in.

What is the green Toyota color called? ›

Toyota: Sunlight Green Metallic - Paint Code 6X0 – Custom Paints Inc.

What is Toyota White called? ›

Important: This is a 3 stage color and application.

What white is a Hilux? ›

Toyota Hilux Glacier White 040 Touch Up Paint Kit.

What color is 209 on Toyota Hilux? ›

Toyota: Black Sand - Paint Code 209.

What color is Toyota Lunar Rock? ›

Is Lunar Rock green or blue? The Lunar Rock color from Toyota is a light green with silver or gray tones. It appears as seafoam green or greenish silver in most lighting. Some say it has blue tones along with the greenish hue, so it's best to see the color in person to decide if it's right for you.

What color is cavalry blue? ›

Cavalry is a dark, gray, twilight blue with a lavender undertone. It is a perfect paint color to make a stunning statement on a front door or dining room. Pair it with white shiplap or off-white trim for an updated look.

Why is Toyota Hilux so popular in Africa? ›

Durability: The Toyota Hilux is known for its toughness and durability, which makes it a reliable vehicle in South Africa's challenging terrains and conditions. It is capable of handling rough roads and harsh weather, making it a popular choice for those who need a vehicle that can withstand tough conditions.

What is the American version of Hilux? ›

Now, Toyota wasn't manufacturing the Hilux in the US anymore and replaced it with a new model for American buyers: the Toyota Tacoma.

What does Hilux stand for? ›

"Hilux" is a combination of "high" and "luxury," and the meaning of "pickup" is the same as in English.

What is the color Kelly green? ›

Kelly green is an intense, pure green that sits between blue and yellow in the color wheel. Its hex code is #4CBB17. Named after the common Irish family name, Kelly, it is reminiscent of the lush green Irish landscape.

What color is the GREY Tacoma? ›

Magnetic Gray Metallic

Available on; SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Pro Tacoma's.

What color is Astro green? ›

This is a pearlescent light green but does not lack in color or depth. It has some mint undertones, but is an overall shamrock-like green.

What will the 2023 HiLux look like? ›

In addition to the redesigned grille – with a T-O-Y-O-T-A logo said to be inspired from the 1980s HiLux – the 2023 Toyota HiLux GR Sport gains 'paddle' shifters behind the steering wheel, a rally-style red-line top-dead-centre marker on the steering wheel rim, a GR badge on the steering wheel garnish, a GR badge on the ...

What is the price of HiLux 2023? ›

The ex-showroom prices of the 2023 Hilux start from Rs. 30.40 lakh for the Standard variant with the 2.8L turbo diesel with 6-speed MT. The range tops out at Rs. 37.90 lakh (ex-showroom) with the High variant, which gets 2.8L turbo diesel with 6-speed TC.

What is the price of Toyota HiLux 2023? ›

Dual Cab
2023 Toyota HiLuxSpecsPrice
SR HI-Rider (4X2)Specs: 2.8L, Diesel, 6 SPEED AUTOMATICPrice: $47,115
SR5 (4X4)Specs: 2.8L, Diesel, 6 SPEED AUTOMATICPrice: $61,930
SR5 (4X4)Specs: 2.8L, Diesel, 6 SPEED MANUALPrice: $59,930
SR5 HI-Rider (4X2)Specs: 2.8L, Diesel, 6 SPEED AUTOMATICPrice: $55,700
12 more rows

Where are Hilux built? ›

The 'unbreakable' Toyota HiLux, which has been manufactured in Thailand since operations moved from Japan in 2004, has long been Australia's favourite ute and in 2021 is still the nation's top seller in the category.

Can I buy a Hilux in the US? ›

No. There is no ban on the Toyota Hilux in the United States, and owning one is perfectly legal. However, remember that Toyota doesn't sell the Hilux in the US due to the high retail price due to taxes.

Can I buy a Hilux in Mexico and bring it to the US? ›

However, you can still import a Toyota Hilux from every part of the world. The only problem is that by doing so, you will be buying a truck that will cost more than a new Toyota Tacoma when you add all associated importation expenses. Also, you will lose a ton of cash on your Toyota Hilux in the US when selling it.

How many miles per gallon does a 2022 Toyota Hilux get? ›

Toyota Hilux

Power comes from a 150PS 2.4-litre diesel engine that is capable of returning fuel economy of 40.4mpg and gives the Hilux a maximum towing weight of 3.5 tonnes.

Is Toyota Hilux a luxury? ›

For those unaware the Hilux is luxury pickup vehcile aimed at niche clientele in India. It is also a capable offroader and internationally it is a highly acclaimed offering from Toyota.

Which is stronger Hilux or Ranger? ›

The engines which mark their presence under the hood of the Ford Ranger might not sound large or powerful on paper. However, on the tarmac, the power and torque output of these same engines make the Ford Ranger the most powerful pickup truck in its category.

Is Hilux better than Ford? ›

Both of the two pickups are fairly fuel-efficient. For the Hilux, it guzzles 13.88 km/L in combined driving while the Ford Ranger has more decent gas mileage of 11.35 km/L on average. For off-roading, the Ford Ranger is invincible, so it's right to say that the Hilux is better on tarmac rather than on tough roads.

Which one is powerful between Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux? ›

Not so much...
Toyota Hilux SR5 – PremiumToyota Hilux SR5 – PremiumFord Ranger Sport V6
Max Power150kW at 3400rpm184kW at 3250rpm
Max Torque500Nm from 1600 to 2800rpm600Nm from 1750 to 2250rpm
Transmission6-speed automatic10-speed automatic
18 more rows
Jul 27, 2022

Why is Hilux bumpy? ›

The Hilux is designed to deal with huge weights in its bed, so Toyota has fitted pretty stiff rear suspension. This causes the back of the truck to feel a little bouncy over speed bumps and rough roads, although that's a trait shared with all other pick-ups.

Why do people choose Hilux? ›

One of the Hilux's biggest selling features, is its seriously impressive off-road ability. With a capable four-wheel drive system, the Hilux can navigate challenging terrain almost as easily as it can an asphalt road.

Who is Toyota Hilux competitor? ›

What are the top competitors of Toyota Hilux? The Top compeitors for Toyota Hilux are KIA Carnival, Skoda Superb, MG Gloster, Citroen C5 Aircross, Isuzu MU-X, Jeep Meridian, Volkswagen Tiguan, Jeep Compass Trailhawk, Skoda Kodiaq, BYD Auto Atto 3.

Why do Australians love the Hilux? ›

Toyota Hiluxes are built to last and are often used as workhorses on farms and construction sites. They are also popular with people who go camping and four-wheeling. Toyota Hiluxes are tough, reliable, and versatile vehicles built to withstand the Australian climate and terrain.

What is the most common Toyota truck? ›

It is no surprise that the Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular trucks on the market. On any given day, you will see many Tacomas on the road, ranging from modern Tacomas to Tacomas produced in the 90's.

What is black edition HiLux? ›

What is it? The new Black Edition is the top of the tree in HiLux land, sitting above the regular SR5 flagship thanks to some tailored accents and new colour combinations. Toyota Australia launched the model late in 2014, limiting allocations to fewer than 1000 vehicles and charging a $2000 premium over the SR5.

What is the Toyota blue color called? ›

Toyota: Blue Magnetism - Paint Code 791 – Custom Paints Inc.

What is the Toyota green color called? ›

Toyota: Sunlight Green Metallic - Paint Code 6X0 – Custom Paints Inc.

What is the most expensive Hilux? ›

The Toyota HiLux is available from $24,225 to $70,200 for the 2023 range of models in Dual Cab, Extra Cab and Single Cab body types.

Which Hilux model is most expensive? ›

The Hilux is offered in 3 variants namely STD, High, High AT. The cheapest Toyota Hilux variant is the STD which has a price tag of Rs. 30.40 Lakh while the most expensive variant is the Toyota Hilux High AT which commands a price of Rs. 37.90 Lakh.

What color is Toyota Blizzard? ›

Toyota Genuine Touch up Paint Color Code 070, Blizzard White Pearl, Scion/Lexus.

What color is horizon blue? ›

Horizon Blue is a soft, bright, blueberry blue with a wisteria undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a feature wall.

What color is 0089? ›

The Significance of Using Toyota Door Edge Guard - (0089) - Wind Chill Pearl - C-Cab Genuine Parts
Part NumberPT936-35170-00
1 more row

What is Toyota Colour code 077? ›

Color: Starfire Pearl. Color Code: 077. Container: Aluminum tube w/Plastic screw top. Quantity: One tube.

What paint brand does Toyota use? ›

Toyota does not manufacture its own paint, it uses paint suppliers. OEM paint manufacturer AutomotiveTouchup by Microfinish is the top recommended supplier.


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